Kamal Nath resigns as Chief Minister without facing shakti parikshan

Kamalnath’s resignation as a chief minister

Amid the ongoing political crisis in Madhya Pradesh, Chief Minister Kamal Nath has submitted his resignation to Governor Lalji Tandon. Kamal Nath has resigned from the post of Chief Minister without facing a strength test. Before the possible floor test on Friday, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath said at the press conference that he will submit his resignation to Governor Lalji Tandon today. In a press conference that started at 12 noon today amidst the political deadlock in Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath accused the BJP of plotting to topple the government and said that the people of the state would not forgive the cheating rebels.

In fact, the Supreme Court, while giving a big verdict on Madhya Pradesh, has ordered the Kamal Nath government to conduct a floor test by 5 pm today. After this, the Kamal Nath government had to conduct floor tests. But even before the floor test, Kamal Nath has announced his resignation as Chief Minister.

In his resignation letter to the Governor, Kamal Nath said, ‘I have always done cleanliness politics in my 40 years of public life and have always preferred democratic values. Whatever happened in Madhya Pradesh in the last two weeks is a new chapter in devaluation of democratic values.

He further wrote, ‘I am resigning from the post of Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Also my best wishes to the new Chief Minister. He will always have my support in the development of Madhya Pradesh.


What did the supreme court say ?

The Supreme Court in its order on Friday ordered the Kamal Nath government to pass the floor test till 5 pm today. Earlier on Thursday, the Supreme Court had said that if the rebel MLAs want to come to the Assembly for the floor test, the DGP of Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh should ensure their safety. Also, the Supreme Court had asked for a video recording of the entire proceedings. The court further said that the Supreme Court ordered that the only agenda of the assembly would be to prove majority and no obstruction should be made for anyone.


What the Governor had said ?

Madhya Pradesh Governor Lalji Tandon had earlier asked the Kamal Nath government to conduct floor tests in the Assembly. However, the speaker then adjourned the house till 26 March citing the corona virus. But, the Supreme Court overturned the Speaker’s ruling and ordered a float test by 5 pm on Friday.


Shivraj had welcomed the decision of the supreme court 

Supreme Court : Shivraj Singh Chauhan has welcomed the order given by the Supreme Court for conducting floor tests on Friday. He said that this government has not only lost its majority, it has cheated Madhya Pradesh. This government will fall in the floor test tomorrow.


How the crisis arose ?

known that after Jyotiraditya Scindia left Congress and joined BJP, 22 rebel MLAs of Congress resigned in Madhya Pradesh on March 11 and a political crisis was created. The resignation of six of these was done immediately by the Speaker, while the resignations of 16 rebel MLAs were approved late last night. This brought Kamal Nath’s government to a minority. All these MLAs are currently staying in Bengaluru.


What is number game ?

are 230 MLAs in the assembly, out of which 24 seats are vacant. A majority in the House of 206 MLAs requires the support of 104 MLAs. BJP has 107 MLAs. With the support of 92 Congress and SP, BSP and Independent MLAs, this figure reaches only 99.

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