Is it worth to give a gift to elder person with dementia ?

It’s rather callous to think that elderly family members with dementia should be left alone and lonely due to their dementia and don’t feel any emotion when remembered on a birthday with a gift from a family member.

When an elderly person has dementia, this doesn’t means they no longer feel normal human emotions – they just have some challenges in expressing their feelings and emotions.

An elderly person still feels pleasure when being remembered by a family member on a birthday or other holiday and is reminded they have a family who still cares.

This dementia may actually have been caused if an elderly person is left alone and abandoned by her family so may lose interest in life in general.

It’s especially important to remember our elderly family members when their lives have grown so much smaller and with so fewer people in their lives who care about them or who come to see them.

The birthday presents needn’t be expensive or extravagant – it really is the thought that counts and the fact that someone remembered an elderly person and cared enough to visit on a birthday or holiday. It’s what they live for (to see the face of a family member).

We must remember there was a time when an elderly person’s entire life was built around caring for a family and providing for them – so how can they be forgotten and discarded when their productive lives are over?

Try to remember that your children are watching you and watching how you treat your elderly parents so they’re learning how to treat you when you’re elderly and may have dementia.

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