How Vote Counting is Done in EVM & VVPAT Machine

The result of a defeat-win in the world’s largest democracy is coming on May 23. With the counting of votes on the same day, the decision will be made which Party is making the government. Here we are telling you how the votes will be Counted in EVMs.

EVM Vote Counting
EVM Vote Counting

VVPAT has been added with EVMs and parchis have to be matched. This arrangement is being implemented for the first time in this election. According to the procedure, the vote will be calculated with the result button of EVU’s CU (control unit) first button.

After that the result of the five VVPAT will be mixed with the data collected from the control unit. 

Number of votes of Pigeon Hole box will also match the number of votes. These are the same slices which you had seen from the right side of the EVM while voting. The calculations of these slices were also done with counting of votes.

How vote counting is done in evm
How vote counting is done in evm

There was a debate over the EVM last time. The matter reached the Supreme Court and after the decision of the court, for the first time five VVPATs are being used in the counting of votes. This eliminates the scope of any kind of manipulation in the counting of votes completely.

You also know how your voting machine is fully protected in voting EVM. After voting, EVM kept in the Strong Room will be removed only on counting of votes, then counting of votes will start on counting centers.

From 8 o’clock in the morning, the counting of votes will begin at 543 seats in the Lok Sabha, after which the trend will start half an hour later. Apart from the Returning Officer, there will be candidates standing in the election, Election Agent, Counting Agent, and Videography of the Official Camera.

First ballot count will be counted at the counting center.Postal Ballot Service Voters are implemented for the election. EVMs begin to open in half an hour. Postal ballet also now reaches the counting table with EVM. Keep in mind that maximum 14 EVMs are counted at a time.

The main duty of supervisor posted at the counting center is also now starting from here. They first test the EVMs, they confirm that there was no tampering with the machine. The election officer is responsible for counting votes by pressing the button.

Vote Counting In India

After that, the votes of the control unit of EVM will be known only after pressing the result button. At the same time, it also reveals the number of votes cast for which candidate. The counting of votes is matched from the VVPAT to the returning officer.

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