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In Maharashtra, Hindu Nav Varsh 2076 is also known as Gudi Padwa 2019 (Happy Gudi Padwa 2019). At the same time, Navratri 2019 (Navratri 2019) is being started from the special day of Gudi Padwa. People are also waiting for Gudi Padwa 2019 and people will greet each other by worshiping Puja tomorrow. Gudi Padwa is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Maharashtra. On the other hand, Navaratri is going to start from tomorrow in the country and in these days people worship Goddess with a true heart. People also wish to get on the platform like Whatsapp, Happy New Year and Navratri’s photos, videos and images. We have brought you the Top 10 Gudi Padwa Whatsapp State on the occasion of Gudi Padwa.

Happy Gudi Padwa 2019 WhatsApp Status

Gudi Padwa is the new year of Marathi and Konkani Hindus. This festival is an indicator of the arrival of the new year (Marathi New Year). Every year on the first day of Chaitra month, Gudi Padwa is celebrated. That is, on the first day of Chaitra Navratri, Gudi Padwa is celebrated as the New Year. On this day people decorate their homes with flowers. In addition, beautiful Rangoli is made in the courtyard and door of the house. I Hope This whatsapp status will help you to make an impression before your whatsapp and facebook contacts.

gudi padwa status

When is gudi Padwa?

According to the Hindu calendar, Gudi Padwa is celebrated every year on the first day of the month of Chaitra. Chaitra Navaratri is kept for nine days after the start of Chaitra month. According to the Gregorian calendar, this festival comes in every year in March or April. This time it is on April 6.

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Gudi Padwa Tithi & Shubh Murhut 2019

  • Start Date Period: 05 April 2019 at 02 noon 20 minutes
  • Repetition date: 06 April 2019 at 03 noon 23 minutes


gudi padwa whatsapp status

Importance of gudi Padwa : Whatsapp Status

Importance of Gudi Padwa is important for the Marathi and Konkani Hindus. They consider this day as the first day of New Year. Gudi means ‘Vijay Sakshaka’ and the next, ie ‘Gala’. This festival is also known as ‘Samvatsar Padwa’. From this day the Marathi New Year begins. Let us inform you that the year is the marathi that is called Samvatsar and there are total 60 Samvatsar. Just like every month’s name, the names of each year are different in the same way. As there are 12 months, 60 Samvatsar are in the same way. People of northern India do not celebrate Gudi Padwa, but from this day they keep Chaitra Navratri Vrat for nine consecutive days. We have collected this gudi padwa status for whatsapp from different sources of internet.

How Gudi Padwa celebrated ? : Download Stories For Whatsapp

On the occasion of Gudi Padwa, the day starts with traditional oil bath. After this temple is worshiped in the temple and neem leaves are then consumed. Eating neem leaves is especially considered beneficial and beneficial. On this day in Maharashtra, Hindus make Torans on their homes. Also, a flag is placed in front of the house ie a gudi. The silk cloth is wrapped on a vessel by making it a whistle. The houses are decorated with flowers and beautiful colors are made. On this day, Marathi women wear nine yards long Nauvari Saree and worship them. On Gudi Padwa, there is a tradition of making many sweet dishes like Shreekhand, Puran Poli and Kheer in the house-house. Whatsapp status or Whatsapp Stories are very common thing now a days. Any illiterate person can put a story in whatsapp for gudi padwa festival.


Many assumptions about Gudi Padwa

Many assumptions about Gudi Padwa are popular. According to an ancient legend, Sholivahan made the army of soil and breathed life into it and defeated the enemies. At the same time, according to another belief, on the day of Gudi Padwa, that Chaitra Shukla Pratipada was started by Brahmaji in the creation of the creation. That is why it is also called the first day of creation. On this day, Navaratri constitution, flag hoisting, Samvatsar is worshiped. There’s so many people who want to share this images as a whatsapp status.



Pooja Vidhi Of Gudi Padwa 2019

On the day of Chaitra Pratipada, after raising the house early morning, after the cleaning of the house, grinding of gram flour and oil is applied to the body. After that, preparations for the pooja should be done by bathing. The place where the gudiya is to be applied should be cleaned. Now make a sign of a swastika in that place, then build the altar of sand. After this, set a white cloth on it and set the statue of Brahmaji on it by making turmeric or kumkum with color from the ashtad lotus and making a lotus. After that, worship them with puja material such as turmeric, Akshat, Flowers, water, dhup, dip, agarbatti etc.

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