Everything About Neutral items Dota : 7.23 Patch The Outlanders update

Have you seen new recently released 7.23 patch or The outlanders update? its very big as per professional players of dota 2 and icefrog. Some people call this update as DOTA 3. the patch is too complicated to understand. valve has changed lots of things in the game and people are not giving positive opinion about it.

Some people are calling it disaster and some people loves it. Whole dota 2 community are posting their views in twitter and reddit about this outlanders update. I have read some tweets and people says that this is the starting of fall of dota 2.

There’s Mostly 2 things that people don’t like about this update. First one is Couriers can use items and place wards after level 25 and Neutral creeps drops random iteams which can’t be bought from the store.

Neutral Items Of Dota 2

So first of all What is Neutral Items ?

When you are farming in dota 2 and killing neutral units or in other words jungle creeps like centaur camps or Golem camp you get gold for killing those units right ?

Now after recent update when you kill these units, There’s 5% to 10% Chance that the random items will be dropped at that place. That means you can get random but powerful and useful items by just killing creeps. There’s total 5 tier neutral items which will be dropped during the different time and different tier.

Also you won’t get any of this items in first 5 minutes of the game. You need to start farming neutral creeps after 5 minutes in order to get this random item drop.


Tier 1 Neutral Items Tier 2 Neutral Items Tier 3 Neutral Items Tier 4 Neutral Items Tier 5 Neutral Items
elixer grove_bow craggy_coat witless_shako force_boots
keen_optic vampire_fangs greater_faerie_fire timeless_relic desolator_2
poor_mans_shield ring_of_aquila quickening_charm spell_prism phoenix_ash
iron_talon repair_kit mind_breaker princes_knife seer_stone
recipe_ironwood_tree pupils_gift spider_legs flicker mirror_shield
royal_jelly tome_of_aghanim recipe_vambrace spy_gadget fusion_rune
mango_tree helm_of_the_undying clumsy_net ninja_gear apex
ocean_heart imp_claw enchanted_quiver illusionsts_cape ballista
broom_handle philosophers_stone paladin_sword havoc_hammer woodland_striders
trusty_shovel nether_shawl orb_of_destruction panic_button recipe_trident
faded_broach dragon_scale third_eye the_leveller demonicon
arcane_ring essence_ring titan_sliver minotaur_horn recipe_fallen_sky



  • 5-15 MINUTES
  • Tier 1: 10% Chance
  • Other Tiers: 0% Chance


  • 15-25 MINUTES
  • Tier 2: 10% Chance
  • Other Tiers: 0% Chance


  • 25-35 MINUTES
  • Tier 3: 10% Chance
  • Other Tiers: 0% Chance


  • 35-45 MINUTES
  • Tier 3: 5% Chance
  • Tier 4: 5% Chance
  • Other Tiers: 0% Chance


  • 45-70 MINUTES
  • Tier 4: 10% Chance
  • Other Tiers: 0% Chance


  • 70+ MINUTES
  • Tier 5: 10% Chance
  • Other Tiers: 0% Chance
These are the odds for the first drop of each tier – Each subsequent drop between a tier is cut by half. So if the first drop is 10%, the next within that tier will be 5%, then 2.5%, etc.

How many Neutral Items are available in DOTA 2 ?

There are total 62 neutral items in dota 2 now!. You can get 62 & 5 Tier items by killing neutral units after first 5 minutes of game start.

List of Tier 1 Neutral Items Dota 2

These are the tier 1 Items and come withing 5 to 15 minutes time range and There’s 10% probability that you will get it by killing neutral creep.

Keen Optic dota 2

  • Keen Optic
  • +75 cast range
  • +1.5 mana regen

royal jelly dota 2

  • Royal Jelly
  • Consumable neutral item that comes with 2 charges. Royal Jelly Permanently grants +2.5 HP Regen and +1.25 Mana Regen to the target unit. One hero can’t consume both charges you need to share another charge to ally.


  • Poor Man’s Sheild

Ocean Heart dota 2

  • Ocean Heart
  • Ocean Heart Gives +4 All Stats to the carrying hero. also as its name, it provides 10 HP Regen and 5 Mana Regen while hero is in water.

Iron Talon Dota 2

  • Iron Talon

Mango Tree Dota 2

  • Mango Tree
  • This tree provides 800 vision around it and can be plant anywhere in the map. It provides Unlimited mangoes. at Every 60 seconds one mango will drop which can give you mana.

arcana ring dota 2

  • Arcana Ring
  • +8 INT, +3 Armor. Activate to Restore 75 Mana to All Allies in a 1200 AoE of You. Cooldown: 40 seconds.

elixer dota 2

  • Elixir
  • Elixir comes with three charges. It provides 500 Health and 250 Mana over 6 seconds and can be cast to allies also.

Broom Handle Dota 2

  • Broom Handle
  • +35 Melee Attack Range, +12 Damage and +3 Armor.

ironwood tree dota 2

  • ironwood tree
  • Recipe can be used to combine with 3 Iron Branches to create an Ironwood Tree. Provides +7 All Stats and the ability to plant a special tree. Cooldown: 4. Cast Range: 800

trusty shovel dota 2

  • trusty shovel
  • provides additional 150 Health. Hero can Dig with it and Can find a reward like Bounty Rune, a Flask, a 2 charged TP Scroll bundle, or an enemy Kobold. it comes with 70 sec cooldown.

faded broach dota 2

  • faded broach
  • +225 Mana, +20 MS


List of Tier 2 Neutral Items Dota 2

These are the tier 2 Items and come withing 15 to 25 minutes time range and comes with 10% of probability to get it.

Grove Bow dota 2

  • Grove Bow
  • increase Attack Range By 100. Also Adds a -12% Magic Resistance debuff on Attack


  • Vampire Fangs 
  • +10% Lifesteal, +10% Spell Lifesteal, +450 Night Vision

Ring of Aquila dota 2

  • Ring of Aquila 
  • Well, its back.

repair kit dota 2

  • Repair Kit 
  • Repair Kit comes with 3 Charges. Consumable that targets a building, restoring 40% of it’s health over 30 seconds. Provides +10 armor and +4 Multishot during this period.


  • Pupil’s Gift
  • Grants you +14 Attributes for both of your secondary stats.

Helm of the undying dota 2

  • Helm of Undying
  • it Provides additional 6 Armor. If Hero is carrying Helm of undying then he will survive extra 5 minutes after dying and can use all of its abilities and talents.

IMP Claw Dota 2

  • IMP Claw
  • Passive item. Gives Additional 18 Attack Damage and your next attack will deal 1.6x damage. Comes with 10 seconds cooldown.

Philosophers Stone Dota 2

  • Philosophers Stone
  • It will give hero Additional 75 GPM (Gold Per Minute), +200 Mana but Hero will be decreased with -35 Attack Damage.

Dragon Scale Dota 2

  • Dragon Scale 
  •  Provides +5 Armor and +5 Health Regen. Equipped hero’s attacks now add an after burn which deals 12 dmg per sec for 3 seconds after attacking. It also Affects buildings.

Essence Ring Dota 2

  • Essence Ring
  • Provides +6 Intelligence and 2.5 Mana Regen. Activate to Increases your Max HP by 375 for 15s (heals you). Costs 200 Mana, It Comes with the cooldown of 25 seconds.

Nether Shawl Dota 2

  • Nether Shawl
  • It Provides +8% Spell Amp, +20% Magic Resistance But your Armor Will be Decreased By -4 on yourself.

Tome of aghanim dota 2

  • Tome of Aghanim
  • Tome of Aghanim is consumable item and it will grant you scepter ability / buff which will last till 3 minutes.


Tier 3 Neutral Items Dota 2

Craggy Coat Dota 2

  • Craggy Coat
  • It Provides +13 Armor But Your Attack Speed will be Decreased by -35 on Carrying Hero.

Greater Faerie Fire Dota 2

  • Greater Faerie Fire
  • It Increases Attack Damge By+30. Hero can Consume it to instantly restore 500 HP.Comes with 2 Charges and 10 seconds of cooldown.

Quickening Charm Dota 2

  • Quickening Charm
  • +13% Cooldown Reduction and +9 HP Regen

Mind Breaker Dota 2

  • Mind Breaker
  • Grants Hero a +30 Manabreak and +15% Magic Resistance. The Amount of mana hero breaks will be given to the hero. Also Illusions deal +6 Manabreak.

Third Eye Dota 2

  • Third Eye
  • Grants truesight in a 500 radius and +300 day and night vision. It means its like a Game of true sight but it comes with 3 Charges which means you have to die 3 times and then it will disappear.

Spider Lags Dota 2

  • Spider Lags
  • Provides +24% Movement Speed (doesn’t stack with boots) and +30% Turn Rate. Can be activated to gain free pathing and +24% Movement Speed for 3 seconds, destroys trees along the way. Cooldown: 10

Vambrace Dota 2

  • Vambrace
  • Recipe combines 2 Bracers, 2 Wraith Bands or 2 Null Talismans to create a corresponding Strength, Agility or Intelligence Vambrace. Grants +14 designated attribute, +8 all other attributes, and either +12% magic resistance, +12 attack speed or +8% spell amp based on the respective type of Vambrace.

Clumsy Net Dota 2

  • Clumsy Net
  • Increase +5 Strength Agility and Intelligence and +3 Mana Regen. Activate to ensnare yourself and the target enemy for 2 seconds. 900 Cast Range. It comes with 25 sec cooldown.

Enchanted Quiver dota 2

  • Enchanted Quiver
  • Passive Cooldown. Your next ranged attack has +400 range, does 175 magical damage and That Attack Provides has True Strike. It comes with 8 Sec cooldown.

Paladin Sword Dota 2

  • Paladin Sword
  • +17 Additional Damage, +17% Life steal, +17% Healing, Regen and Lifesteal Amp.

Orb Of Destruction Dota 2

  • Orb of Destruction 
  • Attacks apply a debuff that reduce armor by 6, slow for 30/15% for melee/ranged holders for 4 seconds.

Titan Silver dota 2

  • Titan Sliver 
  • Titan Sliver Grants +22% Base Damage, Magic Resistance : +22% and Status Resistance : +22%


Tier 4 Neutral Items Dota 2

Witless Shako dota 2

  • Witless Shako
  • It Increases +28% Max Health But Reduces -40% Max Mana.

Spell Prism dota 2

  • Timeless Relic 
  • +35% Debuff Duration Amplification and +10% Spell Amplification

Timeless Relic dota 2

  • Spell Prism
  • Increase all states by 8. Can be activated to cause the next single target non-ultimate ability or item to be duplicated on a different nearby enemy (hero priority). Comes with 80 sec cooldown.

Princes Knife dota 2

  • Prince’s Knife
  • +60% Attack Projectile Speed. Your next attack hexes the enemy hero into a frog for 1.5 seconds. Cooldown: 12.

Flicker dota 2

  • Flicker
  • Activate to dispel debuffs and blink in a random direction 600 range away like blink dagger. Comes with 5 seconds cooldown, Manacost: 25. But its different from blink dagger because it Does not get disabled on incoming damage.

Ninja Gear dota 2

  • Telescope
  • Lowers Scan cooldown by 50%. Increases attack and cast range of nearby allies by 125.

Spy Gadget dota 2

  • Ninja Gear 
  • +20 Agility, +25 Movement Speed. Activate to cast Smoke of Deceit on just yourself. Cooldown: 45.

Illusionsts Cape dota 2

  • Illusionist’s Cape
  • It Increases illusions damage by 10%. It can be very effective on Dragon Knight, Phantom Lancer, Naga and many more heroes. Can be activated to create an illusion of you that deals 50% and takes 150% for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 30

Panic Button dota 2

  • Havoc Hammer 
  • +60 Damage, +18 Strength, Increases BAT by 0.3. Can be activated to knock enemies within a 300 AoE back by a distance of 250, slowing their movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds.

Havoc Hammer dota 2

  • Magic Lamp
  • Passive Neutral Item. Provides +400 Health. Hard dispels and heals you for 300 when you drop below 15% health like disk. Comes with Cooldown of 75 Seconds.

The Leveller dota 2

  • The Leveller
  • Increases Attack Speed +50. Your attacks cleave or splash for 50% in a 400/250 area.

Minotaur Horn dota 2

  • Minotaur Horn
  • Increases +20 Strength. Activate to Gain Magic Immunity for 1.75s. Cooldown of 40 seconds.


Tier 5 Neutral Items Dota 2

Seer Stone dota 2

  • Seer Stone
  • +500 Cast Range, +800 Day and Night Vision.

Force Boots dota 2

  • Force Boots
  • +50% Movement Speed and unlocks max movement speed. Can be activated to self dispel and push you 800 distance forward like staff force. Comes with Cooldown of 6 seconds.

Mirror Shield dota 2

  • Mirror Shield 
  • It reflects the spells by 75% of probability. +20 All Stats.

Fallen Sky dota 2

  • Fallen Sky
  • Recipe combines Blink Dagger and Meteor Hammer. Grants +20 Strength, +20 Intelligence, +15 HP Regen and +10 Mana Regen. Activate to disapear and turn into a Meteor, quickly falling on the target area, applying Meteor Hammer’s stun and damage. Cast Range: 1600. Cooldown: 15. Does not get disabled by incoming damage.

Fusion Rune dota 2

  • Fusion Rune
  • Consumable that can be activated to gain every Power Rune effect for 50 seconds like illusion rune, regen rune, cooldown rune. Comes with 3 Charges and Cooldown of 120 seconds.

Apex dota 2

  • Apex
  • Increases your Primary Attribute by 80%.

Ballista dota 2

  • Ballista 
  • Increases Attack Range +400. Attacks Knock the Enemy 50 Distance Back.

Woodland Striders dota 2

  • Woodland Striders 
  • Increases Movement Speed by +50%, unlocks max movement speed and grants +50 HP Regen. Also Grants Treewalking like brood mother. Activate to leave trees in your wake as you move for 3s. These trees last up to 60 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Trident dota 2

  • Trident 
  • Recipe combines Sange, Yasha and Kaya together. +33 Agility, +33 Strength, +33 Intelligence, +33 Movement Speed, +33 Attack Speed, +33 Status Resistance, +33% Mana Loss Reduction, +33% Regen and Lifesteal Amp, +33% Spell Amp

Demonicon dota 2

  • Book Of The Dead 
  • +35 Strength and Intelligence. Activates to summon 6 level 3 Necronomicon units for 90 seconds. Cooldown: 75 seconds.

Ex Machina dota 2

  • Ex Machina 
  • +25 Armor. Activate to refresh all item cooldowns (except Refresher Orb). Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Pirate Hat dota 2

  • Pirate Hat 
  • Grant +250 Attack Speed. When Any Enemy Hero Killed by Pirate hat equipped hero, a bounty rune spawns in the spot of enemy hero.

Desolator 2 dota 2

  • Desolator 2
  • Increases +100 Attack Damage and Removes -12 Armor on attack

Phoenix Ash dota 2

  • Phoenix Ash
  • Increase Intelligence, Agility and strength +30 All Stats. Lethal damage is prevented and heals you to full HP. Gets consumed upon triggering. 1 Charge, gets destroyed after use.

Well, as per reddit

In all the games I played today people talked a lot to trade items with each other. When youre the fed core and you go meet your support at the shrine to hook him up with some hand-me-down items it usually gets some kind of positive comment or thanks out of them. All this trading items with each other just feels kind of wholesome and I noticed people were talking more and being more friendly. I feel like there’s a much stronger teamwork-vibe and its because of sharing stuff with each other. Its especially noticeable when someone finds an item that’s really good for a specific person and they go give it to them.

Some people might say that this random neutral item drops are unbalanced, Dota 2 is strategic game and player should be appreciated and play for the skill and timing not for lucky drop of neutral creeps but common guys, we trust valve and icefrog. Everything gonna be balanced. Our Love for DOTA should never die.

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