Apply For Vahali Dikri Yojana PDF 2020 : Apply Online Form in Gujarati

in the budget session of 2019, Gujarat Government Provided Budget for Vahali Dikri Yojana. In the State Budget, Gujarat Government Allocated Rs.133 Crores For These scheme. These scheme is to empower daughters of gujarat and help them for their studies and marriage. Here we are providing you a full information about this vahali dikri yojana 2019.

Vahali Dikri Yojana 2020

So first of all who’s Eligible for the vahali dikri yojana? What is the Eligibility Criteria for Vahali dikri Scheme of gujarat government ? So Here is the answer.

vahali dikri yojana

Who can Apply For Vahali Dikri Yojana ? : Eligibility 

  • Only the Daughters who were born on and after 02-08-2019 are eligible for this scheme.
  • Maximum two daughters can get benefits of this scheme.
  • First born and second born daughters both are eligible for the vahali dikri yojana.
  • If first born child is son and second born child is daughter then the second born child daughter would be eligible for this scheme.
  • If first born child is son and second time if twin daughters get birth then both daughter will get benefits of vahali dirki scheme.
  • Only the Parents who’s Yearly income is 2 lakh or less can get benefits of this scheme.

This scheme has been launched to increase the birth date of daughters and to increase Literacy of daughters. Under this scheme daughters will get benefits of rupees 1,20,000 as a money.

Benefits of Vahali Dikri Yojana

Under vahali dikri yojana, Daughters are eligible to get 3 installments as a benefits of the scheme. First beneficiary installment will be of rs 4000 when the daughter will get admission in first standard. The Second Beneficiary installment will be provided of rs 6000 when daughter will get admission in 9th class (High School). Third installment will be of rs 1,00,000 when daughter will turn to 18 years and this money is for her higher education or for their marriage.

  • (First Installment) : 4000 rupees (first standard admission)
  • Second Installment) : 6000 rupees (9th standard Admission)
  • (Third Installment) : 1,00,000 rupees (on the age of 18 year For marriage or higher studies)


What is the Purpose of Vahali Dikri Scheme ?

The main purpose behind the scheme is to increase the birth rate of the daughters in the state. The second purpose is to decrease the dropout ratio from the studies. Third purpose is to empower woman and daughters of gujarat and the fourth purpose is stop the child marriages of the daughters.

  • To Increase Birth rate of daughters
  • To Decrease the study dropout ratio
  • To empower daughters
  • To Stop the Child marriage

How to get benefits of vahali dikri yojana ? 

The application form of vahali dikri scheme will be available in following places.

  • Gram Panchayat office
  • Woman and child officer’s office
  • Angan vadi kendra
  • Child Development Project officer’s office (CDPO Office)

After the birth of daughter parents need to submit the application within a year to jan seva kendra or seva setu. As par the notification after submission of the form, within 45 days you will be notified whether your application is approved or not.

Which Documents are needed to be submitted during the application ?

Which document should be attached with the application ?

  1. Birth certificate of daughter
  2. Aadhar card of the parents
  3. Income Certificate showing your annual income 2,00,000 or less
  4. Birth certificate of other children of your family
  5. If your daughter is second born child then you need to submit Childbirth regulation Certificate.

Vahali Dikri Yojana Application Form In Gujarati

Here we have collected the application form for vahali dikri yojana from the jan seva kendra and the photocopy of that documents is here. You will get the idea that how the form looks like and what details you should have to apply for this scheme.

vahali dikri yojana application form

Vahali Dikri yojana PDF : Download

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